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Thankful studio - version

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Have fun with singing and enjoy the song.

Talk all around the world to your friends about thankfulness and this song project.
Each "thank you" will involve al lot of positive energy - just a smile and a open peacefully heart all around the world. This will be our vision with this thankful-song.

Welcome each new day in gratitude. When you begin your day in thankfulness this powerful blessing fills your entire energetic being and allows your day to unfold joyously.

United we are strong. Together we can raise Earth's vibration causing darkness to withdraw more and more. Light illuminates the darkness. The more people begin their day in gratitude the more of those things we are grateful for become reality in our own lives and on our planet.

It is our wish to illuminate this coming year of 2012 / 2013 with light. The more we focus on gratitude the quicker the law of attraction fulfills itself. I hope you enjoy this beautiful song gifted to us by our enlightened friends.

text: inspiration: Eva-Maria Ammon
voices: Anja Bublitz   Richard Rossbach
composition: imhouse production  Richard Rossbach

studio version 6,16 min.

Please tell everybody about this song! Thank you around the world.


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